April 2014: One of the Best Months

April has always been my favorite month for as long as I can remember. This past April pretty much takes the cake though.

I kicked off the month with a trip to Charlottesville with my roommate and completed my second marathon.


Found out I was matched to Cal Poly SLO and placed in the beautiful Santa Barbara.


Walked the 3.2 for 32 to remember the 32 beautiful Hokies who are no longer with us


and ate some epic food


Crazy to think that in 9 short days I will be a college graduate. Yikes – don’t think I am ready for that! However, I am really REALLY excited to begin a new chapter in my life…especially since it takes me one step closer to my dream job. The California weather doesn’t hurt either ;)

Hanging Up My Running Shoes

April 5th will go down in history as the day I ran the hilliest course known to man.

Shannon and I got up bright and early to get ready for what was bound to be an epic race day. The weather was looking perfect – low 50’s for the whole day (aka my favorite running temperature.) We definitely were not expecting the wind. I guess some parts of Blacksburg never leave you.


We made it to the start area of the race with plenty of time to spare. We posed with our super cute bows from Miss Annie’s Bows (like her on Facebook – she is so sweet). Since it was pretty cold and the sun was still sleeping, putting my sweater in the baggage check was really depressing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 7.59.25 AM

Before we knew it, the race had started!

Miles 1 – 5.3: Yes, 5.3 because that is where the course split for the half & full. Shannon and I ran these miles together and to be honest, they flew by!! We got to run through the UVA campus, which was breath-takingly beautiful. Colonial buildings are my jam.

Miles 5.3 – 12: Hills set in, but I didn’t care – the scenery was breathtaking. We ran around the outskirts of UVA (by the athletic centers) and around a gorgeous neighborhood. I must have picked out my dream house 50 times. This part was so peaceful…until I got to mile 9 where an officer stopped a group of us for 2 minutes because traffic was backed up for 45 minutes…not cool. One lady was considering just running through the traffic. Home girl likes to run, but not enough to risk my life.

Miles 12 – 17: Massive hills, like 85 degree hills. Lots of crowd support for this portion which really really helped! Blacksburg hills had nothing on these monsters. Still wasn’t complaining that much since the weather was perfect and I felt pretty strong.

Miles 17 – 20: Slowly dwindling. Popped my Welches gummies at mile 18. We ran past the UVA Medical center which was cool. Really intimidating, but cool

Miles 21 – 23: Bonked. Hit the Wall. Whatever you want to call it – it happened. C’est la vie. Did I hate Shannon for signing me up for this marathon? Yes! Did I seriously consider never running again? You betcha!

12246cfaba0f5554a3c11ca3cc35ec94Miles 23 – 25.5: Seriously beautiful river running – if only I wasn’t so ready to be done or I would have enjoyed this portion a whole lot more.

Miles 25.5 – 26: ANOTHER HILL!!? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Oh and at this point Shannon found me and I declared my hatred for her.


Miles 26 – 26.2: DONE! Officially a 2x Marathoner!


I ran this marathon for fun and mainly to get my mind off of Sunday, match day. This marathon was also the last race for a while (go big or go home, right?). I know my dietetic internship will keep me plenty busy and I simply wont’ have time to train. From September to June my focus is on the internship and nothing else (with the exception of exploring all that the central cost of California has to offer). That doesn’t mean I’m never running again. I’ll still try to run most days of the week, just no races. After all, California has ideal running conditions.

Shannon I can’t thank you for a better weekend, even if I hated you for 2 miles ;)


Now don’t get me wrong, Virginia Tech is everything and more in terms of what I wanted my undergraduate experience to be. However, the small small town of Blacksburg sometimes feels routine so it is always nice to get away. My lovely roommate/best friend signed me up for the Charlottesville Marathon way back in December. She ended up signing up for her very first half! We had a blast training together for a little over 12 weeks. Friday it was time to pack up the car and take a mini road trip to another part of Virginia.


Charlottesville. Land of UVA, amazing food, history and pretty cute boys. We dropped off our bags and headed to the expo where I managed to buy three new bows because when opportunity presents itself…you buy bows.


After the expo we explored the area. Charlottesville is absolutely beautiful. I loved the historic part as well as the commercial part, mainly because there is a whole foods and Trader Joes close together #dieteticproblems


After we did some walking, we headed back to the hotel to rest up and plan out what we wanted for our pre-race dinner. Somewhere during that time I found out I got into Baylor, which was quite unexpected. My hope is still to get matched, but it is always nice to have options.


We decided on Mellow Mushroom because I love a good pizza every now and then .

Mellow Mushroom

Pizza – if that isn’t the proper way to top off glycogen stores…well I don’t know what is. Mega Veggie for the win!

Mega Veggie

After dinner I was all set to run 26.2!!

2014 – Bigger and Better

Good riddance to 2013.

Not that it was a terrible year where only bad things happened, it just was not my favorite. Nothing really exciting happened. Aside from getting lots of dietetics related experience, starting my job at RunAbout Sports and PRing at the Dallas Big D Half, I feel like I spent a good part of this year stressing, worrying and studying. Not cool. I blame the unlucky number 13.

However, 2014 has a lot of promise and I can not wait to see where life takes me! While I am not a fan of resolutions, I do love setting goals to work towards.

1. Stay true to me.

Confession: I am a HUGE people pleaser. I’m afraid of upsetting or letting down those close to me. Saying no has always been difficult but I really need to work on this. I am who I am and shouldn’t be afraid of my granny, old soul ways.


2. Run 1 more race

I had this goal set in my mind since November, but my roommate beat me to it. She signed me up for the Charlottesville Marathon in April! The Saturday before match day to be exact. While I am over the moon excited, I have a feeling I/my legs will not like Shannon all too much that Sunday ;)


3. Make a new recipe 2x a month

I am working on this goal again. My Pinterest boards are just calling my name. My waffle maker needs to experience some of the epic recipes on my waffle board ASAP!


4. Journal 3-4x/week

I actually started this last year and want to keep up with it more consistently. I noticed that when I can’t sleep I am usually anxious, stressed or nervous about something. Once I put pen to paper, I immediately feel at ease. Normally after my journal entry is complete, I am asleep faster than you can say 26.2. Journaling also has a reflective aspect that I find cool.

5. Practice my photography

While I am Nikon-less until I am back in my apartment, I want my photography to grow. If I end up in grad school I am going to look into taking a legit photography class. Photography was the first passion I fell in love with and want to use it as an outlet this upcoming year. SFrise

6. Figure out my food beliefs

Shannon and I were talking (because we real life friends/roommates…) and she brought up food beliefs/values. I thought this was an interesting topic and something I want to explore/figure out this year. Without getting into too much detail (because I am writing a post about it), I will also believe in moderation, balance and happiness :)


What is one goal you want to work on this year?

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Bring it On

2014 is a few days away.

I remember sitting in the same spot last year writing up my goals for 2013 – crazy how the year flies by.

To put it bluntly, 2014 is going to be a big year for me no matter what happens. In May I will be a college graduate. I won’t be signing up for course request, reading about professors on Koofers or spending another leisurely summer in Blacksburg. Instead I am putting my big girl pants on and growing up. Where? Well I won’t know until April but I do know I’ll be on my own. Scary? You bet! Exciting? Well of course – I thrive on changing my environment from time to time.

While I’d love to share with you all about where I am applying (mainly because I love all the programs oh so much) I won’t for privacy reasons. All I am going to say about the internship process is that it is stressful but rewarding to see how far I’ve come since entering Dietetics my freshman year. I’m fortunate enough to be applying to programs I really love and will be happy no matter where I end up. No regrets.

Reflecting on my 2013 Goals:

1. Run Another Marathon

Well…kind of. I was supposed to run the Dallas Big D, but an injury (still have no clue what it was) forced me to drop down to the half! I ended up PRing so still a success in that book. You can read about my recap here, here and here. postrace

2. Stretch, Foam Roll and Ab work daily.

5ish days a week? I’ll take it. I also bought the R8 which is the lazy mans version of stretching. Love it and miss that lovely invention whenever I travel.

3. Try out new pinterest recipes

FAIL. Utter failure. I blame school, but I did manage to make this awesome Chicken Chili recipe. I got on a major stuffed squash kick so that is that.


4. Better Posture

Nope, not even close.

5. Finish up all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights

Done & Done. Loved it – I laughed, cried and forever wished that Tim Riggins would run off with me to Texas. Alas, that never happened and I found a few new shows I love – Hart of Dixie and The Vampire Diaries – Ian Somerhalder approved ;)


6. Meet Michael Buble.

I SAW HIM IN CONCERT IN DALLAS!! While I didn’t meet him, I was as close to him as I’ll ever get. Let me just say he is SO DREAMY. Love at first song? I’d say so.

IMG_0502Next up – goals for 2014. Bring it.

What are your goals for the new year?

PES Statements – A Real Life Application

Welp, my fall semester is officially over!

Grades are in, grad school applications submitted and holiday festivities are winding down.

Now I just need to sit down with DICAS and my winter break will be complete.

To say I learned a lot about nutrition this semester would be an understatement. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) was one of the most challenging classes of my undergrad. One thing I learned is that PES Statements can always use some practice ;)

PES –> Problem. Etiology. Signs & Symptoms.

Homesickness RT not being home in 11 months AEB two week obsession with my moms Italian roasted potatoes.


Carotenosis RT the farmers market having locally grown squash every week AEB my hands turning slightly orange.


Extreme happiness RT running a spring marathon & Michael Buble picture book AEB tears, shock, giggles, googling restaurants and creating a flexible training plan.


Food coma RT eating epicly awesome food in NYC AEB bloated, but happy belly. (Because lets be honest…NYC has the BEST food in the country)


Acceptable holiday cheer RT being home in New England for Christmas AEB a closet filled with cute hat, scarves, mittens and numerous selfies. #sorrybutimnotsorry


Overall, I am happy to be back at home in Connecticut and surrounded by those who love and know me best. Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean I will stop listening to holiday tunes/holiday movie marathons ;)

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(Credit to Shannon for the brilliant idea)

It’s Getting Hot In Here Part 2

Dehydration – we’ve all heard about it. Athletes are told time and time again to hydrate properly for sporting events to prevent it but what actually happens to the body when it is losing water and electrolytes?chronic-dehydration


For one thing, it isn’t pretty.

  • 2% water loss = impaired performance
  • 4% water loss = performance continues to decline
  • 5% water loss = heat exhaustion
  • 7% water loss = hallucinations may occur
  • 10% water loss = heat stroke

Yeah, none of that sounds like very much fun to me. One quick and easy way to tell if you are dehydrated is by the color of your urine. Optimal hydration is pale yellow (or colorless). However, if it is very dark, like apple juice, you should start drinking up!

Depending on the duration, intensity and environmental conditions – sports drinks might be a really great option to prevent the ill effects of dehydration! Sports drinks contain important electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium. Sodium helps move water throughout the body to maintain fluid balance. These types of drinks also make you thirsty so you keep drinking more. What another clever way to stop performance fatigue in its tracks! Additionally, the carbohydrates in sports drinks give a boost of energy.


Think more water is better? Think again….(more to come!)

For more information check out these awesome websites!