Zone Bar – White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

As mentioned in a previous post, bars are a true enjoyment food for me. I know half of them are considered a “glorified candy bar” but at least they have some vitamins and minerals, right? ;) Regardless, when a new flavor comes out, I jump at the chance to try it. White chocolate macadamia nut seems to be the “comeback” flavor. Clif, Luna and now Zone all have it thrown into their mix. I’ll preface this review by stating that I typically do not enjoy zone bars, but the bar fanatic that I am I needed to try it asap.

Like chocolate and raspberry, white chocolate and macadamia nuts were meant for each other – just not in this zone bar. The bar is your standard zone bar meaning it feels dense in the wrapper and looks like a chocolate covered soy protein nuggets. Pretty decent size for only 210 calories.

Texture: This bar certainly was chewy and crunchy! Not going to lie when I tell ya’ll that my mouth got a wee bit tired after a while. Why those soy nuggets take so long to chew is beyond me. If eating this bar with your hands, make sure you have a napkin handy because the coating rubs off easily.

Taste: Welp, this was disappointing. Not only did Zone name this bar wrong, but it had no flavor what so ever. I did not get a hint of white chocolate. Sure, there were white chocolate chips scattered throughout the bar but they did not enhance or contribute to a white chocolate sensation. I didn’t see any macadamia nuts nor did I get that rich, decadent flavor they usually bring. If you blind folded me, I could not even tell you what it tasted like other than it left a really icky protein aftertaste. If you’ve ever had a straight up protein bar – you know what I’m talking about.

Rating: 1 coffee bean

Nutrition & Ingredients can be found here.