Before the Hype

Before the recent hype of all things coconut, I was already addicted. It’s true – ask my roommate. In fact, she even said that’s one thing she thought was “cool” about me (Yes, I took this as a high compliment considering we had a love/hate relationship at the time). Ever since the boom of coconut as a healthy saturated fat, everything now comes in coconut flavor. I can’t complain – it just allows me to get my coconut fix multiple times throughout the day. For instance, I can get it at breakfast


or for snacks


as a mix-in


for pancakes…


In a nutshell, I find a way to eat coconut every day. It is truly one of my favorite flavors.

Your turn: what is one flavor you can’t live without?

LARABAR – Lemon Bar

Okay, so the blog world seems to have an obsession with LARABARs. I am not immune. I eat, breathe and sleep energy bars. All kids – I really do not discriminate. It is a rarity when I do not have some form of bar during the day. However, some bars are better for you than others and LARABARs are certainly one of the healthiest options around. Made with whole foods, these bars are made with real foods and loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber & healthy fats. I have a personal goal of trying all the LARABAR flavors because I love them that much. Lets start off with the Lemon Bar flavor.

Even before unwrapping this gem, I was surprised to see the serving size. It was not that standard 48 grams – instead it is 51 grams. I’m not complaining though – it means more fuel for me :D After opening the bar, it looked like your standard LARABAR – brown in color, shiny from the healthy fats in the almonds and speckled. There was a distinct lemon aroma coming from the bar too.

I don’t know about you – but I enjoy seeing those almond pieces throughout the bar. You know its going to be a good day when you get a whole almond in your bar. The size was rather small for the calories you are getting – 220 calories with a bar smaller than the size of a pen.

Texture: This bar was definitely oily, which is why I ate it on a paper towel. Never fear though – the oil comes from the almonds and dates! Aside from the oily consistency of the bar, the bar was soft and doughy. Biting into this bar was like biting into a soft baked cookie. Another thing that always amazes me about these bars is how moist they are!

Taste: the Lemon Bar LARABAR certainly lives up to its name. While I have not consumed many lemon bars in my 20 years of life, I have had a few and this bar is very reminiscent of it. The bar was sweet without making you feel like you ingested a bucket of sugar. The almonds added a nice cooling factor that muted the potent lemon flavor. While the bar might be labeled as lemon, it is definitely not as tart as one! More of a smooth lemon flavor that was complimented well with the dates and almonds.

Overall – great bar nutrition & taste wise. The only con would be that the bar coats your hands with a  thin layer of oil so have a napkin handy!

Rating: 4 coffee beans!

Nutrition & Ingredients can be found here.