Doing What I Do Best

& that would be finding new products on the grocery store shelves! After all, I really want to work for a food company so it is best I keep up to date with new trends ;) I’ll keep this short & sweet with just the name and my rating. Want more details? Just ask and I could talk your ear off about any of ‘em. I wish I was kidding…

Campbell’s Chunky Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken SoupsoupRating: 4 Coffee Beans

The Simply Bar – Cinnamon Pecancinnamonpecan Rating: 1 Coffee Bean

Kashi’s Garlic Pesto Pita Crispsgarlic Rating: 5 Coffee Beans

Special K Brownie Bites – Blondieblondie Rating: 2 Coffee Beans

Any good products I should know about?

Lose, Win

We all have those brands that we gravitate to. Personally, I’ve always been an Amy’s, Kashi, Evol & Cedar Lane girl when it comes to frozen meals. They very rarely let me down in terms of flavor, texture and nutrition. This held true for Cedar Lane. Everything I tried tasted fantastic and dare I say, almost like homemade. Sadly, the morning I sat down with this bad bay turned into a major disappointment

I mean, it sounded promising. Spinach, roasted tomatoes and potatoes along with some eggs…sign me up! Eggs just taste amazing with spinach and tomatoes so naturally I thought this would be epic. Yeah no.


Β This bake even looked promising. You can see the eggs, abundant spinach and roasted tomatoes. Under that was a layer of warm potatoes. The smell in the house was amazing. My stomach started to growl because it smelled that. good. Unfortunately there was no flavor. I’m not even talking bland. This Egg White dish tasted like nothing. I even added heaps of basil & garlic powder and it didn’t help. The only redeeming factor was the soft pillowey texture of the potatoes.

1 Coffee Bean – Hands down.

However, there was one (okay maybe 5) redeeming factors that went into my breakfast. It was these sweet delicious things

I turned this recipe into mini muffins, because lets me honest, everything taste better in muffin form ;) The Justin’s Maple Almond Butter ended the meal on a sweet note.

Moral of the story: always end breakfast with a little treat.