About the Runner

Hey Everyone!


My name is Kailey and I like love to run.Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 3.05.46 PM

Born in California, raised in Connecticut and a proud Hokie. Currently I am a senior at Virginia Tech studying dietetics. I got matched to my top choice and will be completing my supervised practice in September! One step closer to becoming a registered dietitian.

If I am not in class or running through campus, I am in the kitchen cooking up something delicious or trying out some of the amazing local restaurants in Blacksburg. My food philosophy is food should fuel us through our daily activities while also being a way to communicate love and create a sense of bonding. Sitting down to a nice meal with loved ones makes me incredibly happy.

Since I hit the pavement running 5 years ago – I have completed 2 full marathon and 5 half marathons.

  • Ridgefield Pamby Half Marathon – CT
  • Danbury Half Marathon – CT
  • Shamrock Half Marathon – VA
  • Blueridge Half Marathon – VA
  • Richmond Marathon  – VA
  • Dallas Big D Half Marathon – TX
  • Charlottesville Marathon – VA

I have an ambitious goal of running a race in every state. I’m coming for you Alaska!

Coffee is the other love in my life. I can’t start my day without it..well I can but it isn’t pretty. If you bring me a cup of joe then you will be my favorite person. Coffee dates with friends is a regular occurrence.


Feel free to email me about anything – I love talking about all things food, running and Pretty Little Liars.


Or if you are more into social media – follow me on Twitter & Instagram.

Looking for my professional accomplishments? Check out my Weebly!

To learn more about me click on these other post!


  1. Hey Kailey,

    This is crazy, but I swear we’re the same person! haha.
    My dream job is to be a nutritionist or dietician, I’m a madly passionate runner and my next dream goal is to run a half-marathon (so scared but so excited!), and I’m a self-confessed coffee addict..
    a hot, yummy cappuccino is my guilty pleasure and makes my morning :)
    and peanut butter? do not even get me started. I’ve been known to down a jar in a mere 2 days ;)

    YOu’re running achievements are so inspirational, and motivate me to get out there and chase my running goals!

    good luck with everything, keep running and blogging!

    Kloe x :)

  2. Hey Kailey! I’m glad you commented on my blog the other day or else I may not have discovered your blog! I have a lot of friends who went to VT (I did undergrad at Maryland!), and I loooove learning about sports nutrition. I almost decided to become an R.D. after I graduated but decided to go the medical school route instead. I’ll definitely be following along here..maybe you can give me some running pointers since I’m “training” (aka running once a week) for my first half marathon :)

  3. Thank you for dropping by my blog! It’s a pleasure to meet you, and this seems like such a cute and positive space. :) Omgness I love that ginormous mug you’re holding! It’s so funny lookin’ :P PS: I loooove photography and blogging has helped me discover that fact! I really want to learn more about it and practice more~

  4. Omg my dream would be to start a natural food company similar to larabar or clif!! I’m studying nutrition science at the university of california davis and i was thinking about possibly minoring in psychology. it sounds like we have a lot in common!!

  5. Hi Kailey! Looks like we have so much in common!! I’m currently working on getting my Masters degree in Dietetics and I have a BA in psychology! I wake up in the morning excited to smother anything w peanut butter!! Drool! Gilmore girls was and still is my fav tv show!! The runner-up is One Tree Hill. I live watching the reruns…takes me back to my youthful days 😊it’s nice to meet you!!

  6. When you reach your goal of working for clif bar, I’ll take some free handouts :)
    I love all of those shows you named too! I was bummed OTH ended…I’ve watched it since the very beginning.

    Katie :)

    Youre gorgeous btw!

  7. I’m a huge fan of photography as well :) don’t give up on the dream!! Or at least make sure you incorporate it into your life as a way to relax / destress. It’s a cheap and rewarding hobby to take up!


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