Bananas Oh Bananas

Okay. I promse blogging will become much more regular now. Now that all my graduate and dietetic internship applications are in – I have some free time! My Nikon D3000 was collecting some dust so it was only natural that I give it some use.

Bananas – you either love them or hate ‘em. Some like their nanners green while others enjoy them brown and spotty. Me? I love them lightly green! Sweet but not overly so. You could say they are one of my favorite fruits as I usually have 2 a day if they are in the house. No shame ;)


The media often portrays bananas as a waste of calories/carbohydrates – however I think this fruit is a superstar! Here is why:

  • A medium banana contains 400 mg of potassium and only 1 mg of sodium! This is tropical fruit fights belly bloat!
  • 1 medium banana only has about 105 calories and 23% of your DRI for Vitamin B6.
  • Bananas may aid in the absorption of calcium! Hello healthy, strong bones.
  • Did you know that bananas were not brought into the U.S until the late 19th century!? What were people eating before then ;) [source]

Now, I could show you the many ways I eat bananas (mainly with tons of peanut/almond butter or dipped in some Greek Yogurt) I found some other more creative ways…

Confession: I hate banana bread. I think it might be because of the overly ripe bananas that are used, but I just can’t get on the banana bread boat. However, these are magical!

Thomas EM

Sure, these might have more ingredients than I would like, but they sure are tasty! Every time I bite into one they are incredibly soft. Rich, moist and doughy – completely different from all their other English Muffins! I highly suggest them topped with some whipped strawberry cream cheese.

strawberry cream cheese

As you may or may not have heard, Blacksburg was hit with quite the snow storm – about 15 inches of the white precipitation. Naturally, we bake. Okay, I didn’t bake – Shannon did. Specifically Banana Muffins.

Muffins 2

She made a few substitutions – my favorite being coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. Refer the this post for my obsession with all things coconut. I couldn’t wait to dig into theses babies – but I used some self-restraint and waited until dessert :)


What is your favorite fruit & why?

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