Pure Pleasure

I feel like I haven’t really done a product review in a while. This might be due to the fact that school work is crazy and I just don’t have the time to whip out a my camera every time I eat a new food. Sure, I’ve had epic products as of late, some just okay and some I never want to eat again, but when it comes to yogurt, Okios has never let me down.

My roommate can tell you that I love pudding. I have it almost every night. Not only does the pudding provide me with some extra sugar for my morning run, but it just taste delicous. The added calcium doesn’t hurt either ;) However, I have yet to find a good caramel pudding. The ones I’ve tried just taste awful. However, I spotted this baby at Walmart and knew I had to try it.

I can honestly say this yogurt is crazy good & addicting. If it weren’t for the $4.00 price tag, I’d buy this just as much as my pudding, but I am a cheap college student so my $1.00 pudding usually wins. However, the Okios Caramel is super thick, as Greek yogurt should be. The tangy Greek yogurt flavor is muted only to be overtaken by the silky smooth caramel swirl at the bottom of the container. The flavor isn’t in your face, but it sure is sweet enough to squash my sugar cravings.

However, I can’t just eat yogurt plain and need some crunch. Enter dark chocolate chips & pecans. Turtle sundae-esque with lunch? I’ll take it :)

Rating: 4 Coffee Beans; I’d give it 5 but its rather pricy.

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43 thoughts on “Pure Pleasure

  1. Oikos was my favorite Greek yogurt brand before I went vegan–the caramel one was so good! I never tried making it like a turtle sundae but that sounds amazing. I also really loved the superfruits flavor and that one was great with berry granola!

  2. I’d so love Oikos to come to the UK because they sound like such great yogurts with great flavours! Chobani is here but I’ve yet to try it! Glad you enjoyed the yogurt and loved how you spiced it up with some crunch! :-)

  3. Yup, that is out of my budget, but wow does it sound good! I like making my own maple-yogurt-pudding by stirring some maple syrup into (cheap) Greek yogurt–and of course, toppings are key!

  4. Yum! I’ve seen the Oikos caramel cups in the store, but they haven’t made it into my cart yet. That needs to change! I love the idea of adding chocolate chips and pecans to create a healthy turtle sundae. Indulgent and protein-packed at the same time? I’ll take it!

  5. This sounds amazing! I used to love sugar free butterscotch pudding back in the day! So I think I’d love this!

  6. I have always wanted to try this but I couldn’t remember if I had heard good/bad reviews about it, so thanks for clearing that up! I’m with you on the pudding my friend, I love eating something creamy and smooth as a snack before I go to bed. A little sugar never hurt anyone :)

  7. Oikos is my favorite! I can’t believe I haven’t seen the caramel-flavored ones at the grocery store. I’m a plain greek yogurt kind of girl because I always use it as a base for chocolate, berries, honey, and whatever else I desire at the moment.

  8. Oikos vanilla is my absolute favorite Greek yogurt!! I am so excited to try the caramel flavor, sounds amazing :). Love that you’re a texture person too, I always have to put toppings in my yogurt or ice cream…I love a crunchy or sweet bite in there!

  9. so I read this at work and then felt the need to make a pit stop at the grocery store for these afterward :-D I’ve had the chocolate one and it wasn’t good, but caramel + tart sounds like it’d be a more successful combo – I can’t wait to try them!

  10. I just -love- Oikos yogurt. Usually I just eat the plain 2%, but their vanilla probably tops my list of favorite flavored yogurt. Caramel might give vanilla good run for its money, but I haven’t seen it in any of the stores around here. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled though!

  11. OMG if I could eat dairy I have a feeling all portion control would be thrown out the window and I would eat like 10 of those in a sitting!!! I wonder what would happen if you stuck them in the freezer… Think it would turn into Fro-Yo??? Or maybe just a frozen mess? LOL

  12. I love Oikos 2% vanilla! I haven’t been the biggest fan of their 0% ones though – the honey and vanilla ones tasted gross to me. But I want to try this one because I adore caramel flavoured anything!


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