A Celebration

So I get really really bad at this blogging thing when school picks back up.

Sorry, but I’m also not so sorry.

You see, last year school kinda took over my life. Studying everyday, all day was nothing out of the usual.

Movie on Friday night? Nope, I have an Anatomy exam. Spontaneous trip to IHOP? Sorry, BioChem is killing me.

While I got the grades, I also felt less happy towards the end of last year. This year, things have been different and I can’t say I mind one bit :) I no longer spend the days studying away, rather catching up with old friends at a brand new dining hall. P.S If you haven’t heard, Virginia Tech placed in the top three for epic food and they aren’t lying! Regardless, I have just been enjoying the beauty my school has to offer. One thing that is completely worth celebrating is my very best friends birthday. More specifically, her 21st.

While I don’t have many pictures of the food, we certainly did have a blast and tried so many new foods & places. I may or may not be obsessed with buckwheat cinnamon waffles (where have they been all my life!?) The highlight for me was probably breakfast Saturday morning

Lox is probably my most favorite entrees of them all. And when a place has homemade bagels, well thats just fabulous.

So here is to you best friend/twin/roommate – I hope this year is filled with everything you’ve been working for. Love you to death. Make me more waffles ;)

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  1. I love roomies. They (normally) turn out to the the best friends. I totally get needing a break during school. I think I posted twice the entire 2.5 months of my last quarter before graduation. Take the time you need. School is super important. :)

  2. I was the same way in college, especially my last 1.5 years. I started putting school and studying above everything else and my social life suffered. Looking back, I regret this so much and wish I could take it back :( I’m so happy you realized the need for balance before it was too late! Make the most of your time in school!

  3. Love your approach to school this year! I graduated 3 years ago so trust me when I say that a few years down the line, the memories with friends is what you will remember..not the hours you spent studying! I’m with you lox…is there anything better than smoked salmon with cream cheese and fresh bagels….oh yes, all that with a side of coffee ;)!

  4. I’m so glad you’re taking time to enjoy the college experience this semester, Kailey! These years truly are some of the best. It’s not the studying you’ll remember (all of those hours mush together), but the spontaneous IHOP trips and movie nights. :)

    Happy Birthday to your best friend! It sounds like you had a blast celebrating this weekend! <3

    oh and p.s. I ate smoked salmon for brunch today too—amazing!


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