Who Doesn’t Love Pancakes?

Let me rephrase that question – raise your hands if you love pancakes with added fruits and veggies. Yeah, a few hands might go down, but what if I told you you really don’t taste the kale, broccoli or carrots at all. Oh, not to mention these are some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had. Well, let me introduce to you this mix:

I was browsing the isles of Home Goods the other day looking for a new coffee to try out and came across this package. Now, normally I stray away from fruit flavored products. I would rather have an apple or banana instead of it being flavored like one, but with ingredients like this, it was hard to resist.

All organic & mixed with super foods (sweet potatoes!!) I decided to let go of my stance on no fruit flavored mixes. Now lets talk about what makes a good pancake. To me, it has to be thick, hearty and fluffy. I don’t like thinner pancakes so when the Weefulls mix says it makes waffles & crepes, I knew there might be a problem. Alas, they suggested adding an egg to make thick and fluffy pancakes. Naturally, I added an egg (its a leavening agent for baked goods). So glad I did too!

Just look at how thick these babies are! I was very pleased just at the appearance of these babies. Not to mention the smell of apple cinnamon through the house made for a lovely morning. My mom did as why my pancakes were slightly green though. Well mom look what these pancakes are filled with

The flavor was undeniable. Just amazing. The apple tasted just like eating a crisp apple and I could taste hints of sweet potato. Yeah, it was amazing. The texture was fluffy and hearty – not the kind of pancakes that just go right through you. Topped with some Cinnamon Sugar Butter & SF Butter Maple Syrup (sorry, but I’m not sorry) it made for an excellent breakfast.

Rating: 5 Coffee Beans

Now excuse me while I go eat some more.

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  3. Kailey, I read this post awhile ago, and I wanted to try the Weefulls pancakes so much that I bought the banana mix online! (from a website called Abe’s Market) They were/are SO good. I topped my banana ones with sliced bananas and almond butter :) Definitely awesome after a hard run today. Thanks so much for blogging about them!

  4. Oh my gosh, that pancake mix sounds amazing! Like, I want to go buy it right now. Hmm, and apparently available through Amazon? Adding this to my cart. I love pancakes, and making them even healthier? I’m in. Are they still good for me if I smother them in maple syrup, though? :)

  5. Pancakes…the one food (other than ice cream) that I could eat every day of my life!!! Love them so so much. And I adore home goods. SOmetimes I go there and just walk around to let off steam. I kid you not. That place is mini heaven!

  6. Nom Nom Nom!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some pancakes! And yes, both hands up for me =). I’m very intrigued by this concept of veggie pancake!! Searching for a nearby Homegoods now =).

  7. Home Goods is a gold mine of amazing foodie finds! I’ve discovered some products there that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Who would have known?

    The pancakes look incredible! I don’t care what color my pancakes are; if they’re delicious, I’m sold. :) I often buy Dr. Praeger’s spinach pancakes, and they’re about as green as green can be!

  8. Those look awesome! What a great find. I love coming across things like that while I’m at Home Goods. Definitely going to be on the look-out now! Especially since I just acquired a new habit of making extravagant belgian waffles, pancakes, etc. for brunch on the weekends!


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