Lean Cuisine – Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli

I like to run. Scratch that – I live to run. Alas, the only way to keep myself fueled through numerous miles is via carbs. I have experimented with my diet and found that carbs and fat fuel me best. Thus, now that I am home from college it is much easier for me to get more carbs into my diet without portion overload. One of my favorite forms is pasta (I am half Italian – both my mother and grandmother lived in Italy). However, I will preface this by saying I am extremely picky when it comes to pasta. Rarely do I order pasta dishes when ordering out because nothing compares to mamma’s homemade sauce and the perfection of her pasta. I was a little skeptical when buying this meal but it sounded waaaay too good to resist.

I guess  Lean Cuisine added a new culinary line – sounds a little like Healthy Choice, but you gotta keep up with the competition. Not going to lie – the promise of mushroom filled ravioli with ricotta cheese is what drew me in. Ricotta just has that melt in your mouth taste. I’ll preface this by saying I didn’t use the microwave – I had the pleasure of baking the meal in the oven. Even after the ravioli is done cooking – it looks very promising! I mean look at how huge those raviolis are. Granted there are only five, but I can’t complain. There was an abundance of spinach and red peppers. The orange peppers were few and far between. My one gripe with this meal (and all waistline friendly meals for that matter) is that the sauce is always super thin. This applies the the masala sauce too. No worries, like a good nutrition student I added a boatload of broccoli.

Et voila! Lunch is served.

Taste: Nothing short of fantastic! I was actually amazed by how much flavor this meal provided. Not only was the pasta al dente, but the sauce was very flavorful! Restaurant quality for sure. The spinach was tender and the red peppers were not soggy in the least. The flavors blended together perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised that inside the ravioli were whole mushrooms which only made me adore this meal even more. As for the ricotta cheese? Yeah – it was good.

4.5 Coffee Beans –> not a fan of a lot of sauce

Nutrition & Ingredients found here.

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  2. I’ve actually never tried a lean cuisine meal before, even if I’m really busy I tend to not use frozen meals, well I do freeze leftovers I have and use those. I’m always afraid I’ll hate frozen foods because I’m picky about the tastes of my sauces on meals hah. Great review on the product.


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